Netherlands 10 days away from health care rationing, doctor warns in lockdown appeal

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Stop treating the willfully-unvaccinated.


Things were going pretty well… and then the government decides to just drop basically all the measures at once, at the same time, right as winter was starting. The results, a few weeks later, were as inevitable as they were predictable.


What’s up with the Dutch? Saddens me to hear this 🙁


De ziekenhuizen zijn bijna volledig G E K O L O N I Z E E R D


Please learn from us Malaysians. Our third wave(?) was so bad the doctors had to decide who lives and dies. There was not enough beds, makeshift tents, hallways, benches, and whatever that could be used as a bed was used. CPR was seen being carried out on the floor, and my grandpa who needed hospital care for non-covid related health issues had to wait 12 hours for a doctor. Full, proper lockdowns and vaccinations work, not half assed ones.