Norwegian TV journalists covering the 2022 World Cup arrested in Qatar

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Fuck FIFA, and Fuck Qatar 2022!


Journalists covering the world cup arrested for exposing the horrible treatment and living conditions for workers directly involved with the world cup. I wouldn’t have expected anything less but I am still amazed at how obviously corrupt the decision to allow Qatar to host the world cup is, while the majority of people in positions of power do not bat an eye lid. This is so blatantly corrupt it feels like they are just laughing at us knowing we can’t do shit about it while they profit in corruption. Qatar makes zero sense for a world cup and they will ruin countless lives just to make it happen too.


FIFA should face consequences over picking Qatar, 6500+ workers have died for this dirty world cup event


Not like one rando in America is going to make a difference, but I really feel like this is absolutely the wrong host country and I will be boycotting watching this World Cup, as much as it pains me.


It’s only just begunnnnnnnnnn… the largest shitshow on earth folks.