Pregnant librarian killed in alleged road rage shooting was aggressor

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Thank god there was a witness


Speaking as a truck driver. I’ve noticed that about 75% of these people who are aggressive have kids or are full of passengers. It’s absolutely crazy. I don’t know the specifics of this situation, and I am extremely saddened to hear a pregnant individual has passed but I am also regretful on saying that it doesn’t surprise me if this is true. *Edit: thank you for the likes! But I am deeply saddened by the death regardless. We see such horrible things every day. I wish their family peace.


Seems like this lady’s anger issues led to her downfall. She had a fiance, a daughter and newborn on the way and she threw it all away just because she was mad at someone on the road. The shooter had already contacted law enforcement, so she would have been screwed even if she had won the gun fight with him. This is assuming that the police/survivor accounts are true.


There was a witness to the accident she caused that followed both parties after she tried to run and called 911. It’s sad but this lady clearly caused this situation and then escalated it by pulling a gun on the guy she just hit & ran.


Pregnant mother hits someone but instead of stopping and dealing with it she goes home to get a gun? Man people need to think before doing stupid things. Poor unborn kid and poor 11 year old.