Proud Boys leader denied early release from Washington DC jail

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So he’s going to advocate for better prison conditions and prison reform when he gets out right? Nah, he probably thinks the conditions are fine for “real” criminals.


> The “appropriate remedy for unconstitutional conditions of confinement is correction of the unconstitutional conditions of confinement, which are experienced by all inmates, not just the defendant”, Pittman wrote. > > Tarrio also requested to be freed under DC’s “compassionate release” statute, which Pittman also denied. > > Tarrio, he said, “fails to establish that his case presents ‘extraordinary and compelling reasons’ warranting a modification”. He’s in there for 5 months, when is his release date?


So, did he think living in jail would be like club Med? And other people there just WANTs to be there? Talk about entitled twat.


> Tarrio claimed to have been harassed by correctional officers and said his cell regularly floods with water from a toilet in a neighboring cell. He obviously shouldn’t benefit from an early release but those cell conditions should be fixed.


No I need to go home and post cartoon frogs!