Quitting a job after a week

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If you don’t start Job A till next week then there is no reason to start unless you do not have Job B finalized. Better to just call them Monday and apologize that another offer from your job search made a better offer. You won’t be the first person to take a job and get another offer from their job search. Frankly there is no reason to waste Job A’s time on boarding you only to have you leave in a week.


>What are the downsides to quitting a week into a new job? You’ll burn a bridge with your current company >Will it have long-term repercussions for my career? Depends on how small or large the industry is


Downside is that it’ll piss your current employer off. Upside is that it’s a 20% raise, so take it and don’t look back.


So you didn’t even start yet? Just accepted the offer? No big deal. Just tell them “due to unforeseen personal reasons, I will not be able to continue on with (company name). I thank you for the generous offer and apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.”


> Will it have long-term repercussions for my career? IMO, none. Just don’t put this job on your resume and no one else will ever have to know you were ever there.