Sending love and support to my fellow atheists who share a table with a nauseatingly religious family tomorrow!

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Stick with safe subjects like the 2020 election, vaccine mandates, Kamala Harris, and critical race theory.


Good luck! My wife told her religious parents to knock it off a couple years ago or they’d never see their grandkids. It worked. Now they pray over the turkey and talk their Christian talk but they leave us out of it.


Sorry. To be honest, I’d like to spend the day with my religious but relatives. Instead, my one antivaxxer relative, her husband and children all will be there and my husband is immune compromised and fighting cancer, so we are staying home again this year.


Churches have started advertising their holiday services on the radio. It makes my blood boil every time it comes on the air. If churches aren’t a business, how/why the fuck are they advertising?


I’m one of the very few that has a supportive, super liberal family. We’re renting a big cabin for thanksgiving, doing some fishing and hiking.