Somehow the Guy Who Tried to Steal Arizona for Trump Is Now Broke

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Moseder also revealed that Logan’s wife gave birth to the couple’s 12th child recently. Holy shit. Wut


It’s crazy how easy it would be to grift right wingers. If only I didn’t have a soul.


> Logan’s personal financial situation has also been in the news lately. Last week the Sarasota Herald-Tribune reported that on Jan 25, Logan cleared a 30-year mortgage on his $455,000 house, less than four years after taking out the loan. The report also highlighted that this was the same date that his company’s $100,000 emergency pandemic relief loan was forgiven by the government. I think we may need to audit this guys finances.


> back in July, Logan himself issued a press release listing the donors who collectively have coughed up $5.7 million to fund the charade. > Logan’s revelation that he has been left in millions of dollars worth of debt will likely raise questions about where all that money has gone.


It’s often surprising finding out who among the Trump dead-enders is on the grift and who is just a crazy idiot.