Spain’s Catholic Church refuses investigation into sex abuse claims

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“Why is the focus only on the Catholic Church?” the good ole wataboutism. yeah, we should investigate any and all claims, but that doesn’t mean you’re off the hook. what a crock.


In Spain it seems there is still a huge cultural attitude to give reverence to the Catholic Church, and so those who speak out against the church are harassed/ostracized. So it is no surprise that there are fewer reported cases than other EU countries — and it is appalling that the church would cite this illusion of fewer predators and victims to circumvent a proper investigation. If Spain’s Catholic Church trying to distance themselves from all the sex abuse scandals inside the church worldwide they are wasting their time. The Catholic church’s image has been tarnished beyond repair and they are now more affiliated with sex abuse than the virgin mary. I would not be surprised if abuse is even more rampant Spain than in all of the EU.


Given how French Church investigation turned out, they have reasons to be worried. They have no good move. Investigating would likely reveal an awful truth but refusing to do so is super suspicious for their flock. It sadly preserve deniability tbh


No Spanish Inquisition for us!


Then have the police do it!