The Arctic Ocean began warming decades earlier than previously thought, new research shows

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People arguing against sudden onset (for lack of me having a better term) artic warming starting in the 70’s or 80’s have pointed to logs from sailors mentioning a lot of changes happening around that time. Like ice all of a sudden not being where its supposed to be, high temps and fur/blubber/food harvesters needing to go further north than they should. Northwest passage exploration became popular again around 1850-1900 because people thought the ice was retreating based on measurements reported by those same fishermen.


Does that suggest it is warming at a slower pace than previously thought?


Like, before industrialization?


Humans abusing our planet decades earlier than previously thought…


So scientist came up with a prediction for rising ocean temperatures. I would assume they took all available data into account when making their model. What exactly changed that made their model incorrect?