The Planetary Society has put up truly comprehensive and excellent resources to understand NASA’s DART mission to smash an asteroid, and planetary defense at large, with articles, podcasts, graphics, interactive pages, and more.

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The Planetary Society has lobbied hard to get NASA invested in planetary defense, they deserve a lot of credit for DART and NEO Surveyor.


I had never heard of “Planetary Defense” before I joined the PS. It’s one of their big thing. Makes sense, we’re getting pretty good up there, if we can save humanity for a few hundred million dollars it’s like a 1$ insurance for your house.


It would be ironic if they smashed into the asteroid and the impact caused it to hit Earth


They aren’t smashing an asteroid. They are trying to disrupt its orbit. Difference.


It wouldn’t be that hard for a space force to start going about their business and it would be extremely easy to target and then track the targets and their positions with that in place. The problem is that the mission doesn’t have a plan to do so, but a plan is exactly what should be developed in a time of need.