The Toxic Cost Of Going Green (2021) – Kolwezi in Congo supplies most of the world’s Cobalt, a critical component for electric car batteries. Meet the men who clamber down dark airless tunnels to extract it for as little as $150 per month. But is the money worth the deadly risks? [00:23:00]

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Very clickbaity. It turns out rare earth metals including cobalt have allready been used in combustion engine vehicles for decades. Theres a great belgian documentery called “A contresens” that debunks a lot of missleading information about electric vehicles. At some point they buy an electric vehicle and a gas car and have the components run through a mass spectrometer and it turns out theres way more cobalt in the gas car. They also go to congo and turns out these poor working conditions are in illegal mines that represent only about 5% of the cobalt mines in congo, and 85% is extracted in giant excavation sites run by mostly one foreign company with heavy machinery, so no hand mining.


Severely out of date. Most battery tech now is moving toward iron-ion battery tech since cobalt is so hard to get. I believe silicon-ion batteries are also being designed.


Sponsored by the oil lobby.


The crux of this silly video’s argument is a false dichotomy. Oh to be so confidently wrong about economics and production chains.


TLDW: The case presented is a false dichotomy and OP is a dumbshit for posting.