‘This was an intentional act’: $5 million bail set for suspect in Waukesha Holiday Parade tragedy

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I don’t understand why he is even given bail? He literally did this after going out on bail. Maybe keep him locked up until the trial.


*Police say just three weeks ago, Brooks ran over a woman he had a child with. His bail was set at just $1,000, which he paid before being released. Now, the Milwaukee District Attorney’s Office is conducting an internal review. They say the bail was set “inappropriately low.”* This dude runs over a woman and is released on a $1,000 bail? Are you kidding me? If his bail was set higher, he may have still been behind bars and this tragedy could’ve been avoided. smh.


The wish the media would pivot this story to how this man was free in the first place. We already know what this man did and he’s going to be in jail for life. That’s not the story. How many other people like him are out there on the loose because they’re on the public side of the revolving door? Who’s accountable for this?


All the warning signs were there and no one called out this man’s hatefulness. The Waukesha Massacre was entirely avoidable.


What’s wild to me is that six days prior to this incident he attempted to *run over his girlfriend* with the same SUV but bailed out when his bond was set for one thousand dollars. *One thousand fucking dollars* for vehicular assault, not even mentioning his prior and extensive history of violent crime. Non-violent drug offenders get the book thrown at them harder than this dude.