TIL psilocybin, the psychoactive chemical in magic mushrooms (psilocybin mushrooms), is being researched as a potential treatment for anxiety and depression in people with cancer diagnoses, for alcohol use disorder, and for migraines and cluster headaches.

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That scene in Fantastic Fungi where the guy is talking about how taking psilocybin mushrooms cured his lifelong and debilitating stutter was a little mind blowing.


Tip of the hat to the millions of Americans who have suffered and died over the past fifty years while we jailed everyone who tried to help themselves like this.


I had severe depression the first time I did shrooms and after a single trip my depression was completely gone for 6 months. I don’t know if I would be alive today without it.


My personal experience is that mircodosing works for a while but isnt the silver bullet for depression that a lot of these posts imply it is. The biggest upside is it doesnt have the major side effects that prescribed antidepression meds tend to have; weight gain and sexual problems. The biggest problem I had was that it the benefits only lasted a few months before it stopped helping with depression. Two other friends had the a similar outcome, microdosing the mushrooms was great for a couple of months before it started petering out. I definitely think that more research should be done and the public should be made less afraid of this, but also people should keep their expectations low as to what it can accomplish. People that deal with lifelong depression arent going to be miraculously cured with mushrooms, this just offers another treatment.


Hallucinogens is the proper proportions under in the right environment are the mental equivalent to a lengthy shower after a week out camping. Strips the layers, awakens perceptions, washes accumulated grime down the drain, leaves you refreshed and invigorated… A reset button. That being said… you may struggle to locate your phone charger beyond your wildest expectations and become exhausted with the cyclical inner workings of your own beautiful mind… but it’s through such rebuilding/new discovery of mental pathways that new perspectives and outlooks are attained where you’d previously found yourself hitting dead ends… So roll with it and schedule yourself some good sleep after. THEN reflect on what you may have learned… and find your phone charger.