TIL that a Cantonese phrase used by parents upset by their kids is that “it’d be better to have given birth to barbecued pork instead of you”. It comes from the use of meal tickets in 1950s China in which meat tickets were highly priced and barbecued pork was a luxury.

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Ironically, the same could be said today but with vegetables now.


Ooff, born in a Cantonese family, I can relate that when my mom scold me back in childhood. It mean “You are useless.”


Have you HAD Cantonese barbeque pork?? I’d take barbeque pork over a lot of things.


I’ve never heard that growing up I *did* however got sick of the same damn canto phrase my mom kept repeating to me when I was a little girl Roughly translated it goes: “want for beauty, not a life” Pronunciation wise it goes “yew lang, m’yew meng” Idk how to pinyin canto but I’m sure some of you would recognize the saying


Yep, my mother said this to me all the time. She finally stopped when, on my wedding day, my husband rocked up with a whole roast pig as a gift to her. I told her that even she must admit that it was better giving birth to me than a piece of BBQ pork because she was able to exchange me for a whole roast pig.