TIL that during the 1908 Olympics, marathon runners, including the winners, drank champagne, brandy, or strychnine cocktails, in the belief that it would provide energy. In 1924, the Paris games provided wine at rehydration stations.

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Mile 20: Fuck I’m dying. Thank god there’s a rehydration station up ahead! *Grabs two cups of Hennessy VSOP and charges to the finish line* Gold medal bitches!


If marathons still did this I would consider signing up


Isn’t this the one where that guy cheated and rode in a vehicle to the end, almost accepted the award, but people called him out and he was like “it’s just a prank bro”? Could be very wrong. Saw this on one of the Yogscast’s Peculiar Portions video.


IIRC strychnine is perceived as a mild stimulant in small doses. I think that was the basis for the rat-poison addictions in the Naked Lunch movie.


Alcohol is a pain killer, and pain killers are PEDs for distance running. I’ve known Ultra runners who swore by one beer every 10 miles.