TIL that there’s a population of non-albino white coyotes living in Newfoundland. They get their color from a gene mutation they inherited by interbreeding with Golden Retrievers.

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Coyotes can have such extremely different interactions with dogs. Either luring them out and the pack devouring the poor doggo, or making babies.


According to your source, it is plausible, but in no way confirmed that they got the genes from golden retrievers. My question though is how they became white from dogs with yellow fur?


Such a happy dog breed. I wonder if it also effected the personalities of the coyotes.


Kind of like the white squirrels near where I live. They are not albinos, but are a genetic mutation of the common grey squirrel. Edit: Except no thinks they fucked a golden retriever. Then again, there is a lot of meth around there.


Must add this floofy coyote to the list of animals I’d love to make friends with and cuddle.