TIL the Ancient Silk Road city of Merv, Turkmenistan had once held the title of the world’s largest city during the 12th-13th century with a population of more than 500,000 and in 1221 was horrifically decimated in its entirety by the Mongols in one of the worst genocides in human history

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By the very definition of the word, you cannot “decimate sth in its entirety”. Edit: I seem to have spawned a horribly toxic discussion. I should learn not to comment things like this.


This is highly debated among historians. The general consensus is that the death toll was vastly exaggerated, with certain sources saying 1.2 million were killed (or several times the number of people that actually lived there). Likely there was a massacre, but on a much lower scale.


I don’t know who came and taught all these insufferably pedantic people that in ancient Rome decimation was a punishment where you kill 1 in 10 soldiers but someone else needs to come along and teach them that a word can change its meaning over 2000 years in a completely different language. Sinister meant “on the left side” in Latin too, you gonna smugly tell Ethan Hawke his movie title doesn’t make sense because nothing was on the left?


And still, people call Gengis Khan a great man and leader. Fucking homicidal psychopath.


I also saw that post on r/mapporn