U.S. jobless claims fall to just 199,000, the lowest level since 1969

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How does this square with The Great Resignation? I also hear more people are quitting their jobs in record numbers even just last month or two. How can both be true? I would like to know. Or is it measuring a different parameter somehow? * auto mod needs more text to not auto delete my question so I’m filling up space here. Screw Flanders. Edit: You guys can stop replying, I’ve gotten 25 responses already. Reply to those instead.


Bad economy: criticize politicians for unemployment. Good economy: criticize politicians for inflation. There is no magic economy with low unemployment, high wage growth, and low inflation. That’s about as simple economic theory as I can think of.


Be me. Fighting local state unemployment office for unclaimed benefits and never getting emails or calls returned. It’s been months, have basically given up hope on ever receiving the money.


Glad to hear, just gotta get inflation under control and get the LFPR to rise a bit more (will never return to where it was in the 90s but it can still rise a few percentage points) and the economy will be back to being relatively strong. Certainly not perfect (i.e. wages) but not nearly the doom and gloom that many always want to push.


Eventually you run out of people losing their jobs to COVID related business hardships given how many have already lost jobs and also with so many people resigning they aren’t eligible for UI claims.