Vegetarian diets produced on average 42% less GHG than omnivorous ones in UK diet study

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Explainer: GHG = GreenHouse Gas(es)


“However, drinks such as tea and coffee, and cakes, biscuits and confectionery, explained a quarter of diet-related GHG emissions, and present alternative routes to reduce diet-related GHG emissions.” Time to cut out our luxury items along with meat then. I’m sure the British population will give up tea, definitely not a staple of the country or anything…


Vegetarian farming? This is worded weirdly… like the diet itself is what reduces ghg’s.


I strongly encourage everyone try out vegetarian/vegan dishes at restaurants / take-out places. There are some really delicious options! Just by finding out there are many veg options I like, I was able to cut off ~90 % of animal based food and now I’m eating much healthier 🙂


My cousin told me to not be a Vegetarian because I’ll die. Well I’m not dead…