What do people joke about that really shouldn’t be a joke?

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So my bald brother told us he had completely curable cancer. Wouldn’t even need chemo. My response.. thank god you won’t lose your hair. We all laughed and it broke the tension


Men getting raped in prison.


Let me put it this way. My good friend had a wife that basically left him and was with another guy. He was heart broken and when he told me about it he said “my wife left me for another guy and I’m up to my eye balls in debt but you know what the worst thing is? The patriots aren’t going to the super bowl this year…” Fast forward a few months and his separated but still wife died out of nowhere. Regardless of all that happened he still loved her. She was the mother of their 2 children. He befriended her boyfriend that she left him for and they were able to grieve together. He tells me how they are jokingly ripping on eachother and my friend tells him “ya know my wife left me for you but ahe had to find a more concrete way to leave you.” Humor is a coping mechanism. Anything and everything is fair game to make into a joke in the right context.


Married men hating their wives and vice versa


Your mother