What fan theory do you 100% accept as truth?

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That in Harry Potter, Harry, Snape and Voldemort are the three brothers (the Peverells) from the story of the deathly hallows. It’s sorta a history repeating itself case Voldemort is the first brother who desired the world’s most powerful wand Snape is the second brother who wanted to bring back the woman he loved And Harry was the third brother who wanted to use the invisibility cloak to lead a peaceful life This coincidentally would make Dumbledore death because at one point he possessed all three of the Hallows and when Harry saw him near the end of the last book, he greeted Dumbledore like an old friend, Just as the third Peverell brother did


Members of the Addams Family are unable to kill each other


The “my cabbages” guy from Avatar was intentionally putting himself in harms way for the insurance.


In The Office (US) Kevin is actually as smart as Michael said he was. He is also the actual Office prankster and gets the whole office in on making him out to be this big dumb guy. The fact he ended his character arc by buying a bar and doing extremely well despite getting fired for making up a magic number that solves all the offices problems just doesn’t add up.


They never harvested DNA from mosquitoes. It is all a cover story and the dinosaurs are completely engineered, which explains why they look exactly how we expect them to look. John Hammond already says he is obsessed with the showmanship of carnival acts.