Amazon workers plan Black Friday strike

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Reading the article makes no mention of set plans. The real story is that outside groups have _called_ for there to be a strike. I see a difference. The editor who wrote the headline does not.


Good! I hope all the best for these, and all retail workers Edit: thanks for the award kind redditor


nobody is going to miss any days, amazon just announced double overtime pay till dec. 25th and your average AA will be getting 15 hours of overtime a week and makes about $20 an hour, do the math…


Do they really? Or did some groups demand that, at the last minute, and there’s no plan or coordination among the actual Amazon workers? Clickbait article title.


Right below this article: >Cheap Black Friday deals: Mini drones, speakers, streaming sticks and more under $30 >These Black Friday prices are too good to be missed. All Amazon links. I really hope there are massive strikes and Amazon workers get at least some of their demands met. Now would be the time to make Amazon feel it, while they’re trying to overcome shortages while massively hiring, and before they find ways to automate more of the company.