Apple stops all sales in Turkey after the collapse of the Turkish Lira

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Unfortunately this beautiful country has complete economic idiots reigning. There was a time when the Turkish economy was truly admirable. 1Usd was 2 Tl. People had money in their pockets, they could plan European holidays, and could afford anything if they saved enough. Nowadays anything foreign costs months if not years of wages. Turkey had great economists. Özgür Demirtaş for example was a great one. Unfortunately things in Turkey don’t operate on how knowledgeable you are in your field, but how close and likeable you are to the president. You have to remember erdogan appointed his son in law as the economic minister. Where he said “if you’re looking to buy dollars and wait for the lira to crash and turn a profit, you’ll wait long” and then the lira dropped lmao and when the son in law left the seat. The lira gained value. Think about that. An empty seat gained more confidence for the economy than the presidents son in law. Did erdogan learn his lesson and appoint someone who actually knows what he’s doing ? No he doubled down and said “I know economics” ( forged diploma btw ) and here we are. So what happened ? What’s the current situation in Turkey ? Well people started to protest marching “ political party resign” and demanded an early election. However supreme leader president said “no we aren’t a tribal nation that has elections every 20 months”. Which is ironic since he called the last snap election. Anyways in the coming days expect waves of people getting labelled terrorist by the regime for speaking up against the president. The cops were expected to beat the shit out of the protestors, although marching and protesting is considered a right in Turkey. Luckily in some provinces police stated that they have no intention of locking people up for peacefully protesting. We have yet to see how this will play out. If you know Turkish people, or stumble upon any online. Please acknowledge that you’re probably talking to someone who isn’t a fan of erdogan. Be supportive of them. Cheerio


Basically Apple had to pull the plug because the whole site was effectively ~half price. Hilarious.


I’m currently in Turkey (American living in Germany) and bought a MacBook air for $820 on Tuesday. Hate to take advantage of a bad economy but love a deal.


I’m taking a macroeconomics class right now so reading that article and having an educated idea of what they’re talking about is cool. 20% inflation is crazy. I think the US is at 6% right now


So what is holding turkeys economy up and how has this not affected the rest of the markets, seems like people who may have invested in turkey would want to pull out before it gets worse