Australia considers diplomatic boycott of Beijing Winter Olympics | Australia is considering not sending any government officials to the Winter Olympics to be held in Beijing next year amid growing calls from lawmakers for an official diplomatic boycott

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One of the sources of tension between Australia and China is that China believes Australia is nothing more than a puppet state controlled by the US, unable to make its own decisions, and willing to do whatever the US asks. ​ >The Australian government is awaiting the decision by the Biden administration before it makes a call on a diplomatic boycott, the report in the Sydney Morning Herald said. Oh… awkward.


Correct headline, “Extremely unpopular Australian government going into an election will try any dog whistle tactic available to them”


australia has winter sport athletes?


Morrison’s government doesn’t care about anything but making money, mining and their relgious discrimination BS


This is euphemism of their not wanting to spend 14 days in quarantine, on their own cost.