Evictions In The U.S. Rise After Moratorium Ends

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I wonder what the proper economic view of this situation is. On one hand you have the renters who need homes and their productivity is obviously greatly reduced without them. Through majorly no fault of their own they are being stripped of the opportunity to maintain a meaningful and fruitful place in society. On the other hand you have the landlords. For those who are not commercial, though I cannot say that the commercial landlord is without burden, the rent freeze likely crippled their own financial plans and investments perhaps to the point where their wellbeing drastically reduced. In every sense of the word while it would be very convenient to never pay rent to live somewhere it is also equally damning to have to suffer never being paid and having someone, possibly at risk to the property, live without consequence or recourse due to imposed law.


Ok, but you have to admit the headline is pretty dumb. A moratorium ended, did you expect them to fall? Disclaimer: I didn’t read the article. Yes. I’m a typical redditor commenting without reading.


Most landlords are small timers with just a few properties, not the ‘rich landlords’ everyone loves to hate. In most cases where the tenants aren’t paying, they also are refusing to apply for rental assistance and often are not taking care of the place the way 99% of people have the common decency to do. Most reasonable landlords are willing and able to work something out, but covid restrictions are not currently affecting most people’s ability to get a job at this point and yet there are still assholes taking advantage of the situation and fucking over landlords who have obligations to the bank. This whole idea of an eviction moratorium was a well intentioned thought, but implemented so poorly. Now in a time where housing affordability and availability is an issue, I’ve spoken with many landlords who are saying it’s not worth the risk to rent long term and are converting to AirBNB so they don’t have to deal with nightmare tenants, and honestly I don’t blame em


Tbh, I liked what china did and suspended interest on loans and allowed the monthly payments to lapse. Considering the strong balance sheets on the banks and the optics, I don’t think it would have been an issue. There is continuous arguement of who should bear the burden, renters or landlords, but this helps both without hurting the banks too much. The government did this for student loans so there is precident already.


The federal government response to the pandemic deserves a D at best. Many local and state governments have an F. They have used fear to control us. They all claim they stand for the little guy, but their failed policies have caused inflation which hurts the little guy the most. The lack of police, riots, enforcement etc hurts the small business owner. The eviction bar forces small business owners to sell as they need the cash to pay their bills and eat too. They want Higher minimum wage, automation will kill those jobs in time, and transfer the business to larger corporations that can afford the capital. Open borders, increase supply of low wage workers, suppress wages. Did any of the politicians ever work in the private sector, or even take a class in economics? There is what is right, and what they do which is opposite. And they don’t’ learn from their mistakes.