LPT: Keep your mouth shut at work, avoid gossiping about colleagues and try not to get into workplace politics. Even if you think you can trust a coworker, it will mostly likely backfired on you

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Yep. It happened to me. I will never let my guard down like that again.


But if you don’t include yourself, you’re excluded from social circles within the workplace. You’re cast out and left alone. Christ, I left school and went to Uni, finally getting away from the childish crap that goes on socially. Only to enter it again when I started working. The amount of bitching and snide comments and snake-in-the-grass and scheming crap that happens in an office. What are you, 4 years old? 50 year olds leaving mugs in the sink for someone else to clean, or leaving the toilets in a shocking state.


It *is*, however, a great idea to gossip *positively* about people, because they end up hearing about that, too. I found out a colleague described me to someone as “wicked smart—like *scary* smart” and I never told the colleague about it, but I treated him like a prince from that moment on.


Do not keep your mouth shut about wages though!! Or about anything that is actually important.