LPT: When apartment / house hunting, check your phone signal.

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According to all of the phone companies I have a great cell signal at my rural home (4G LTE according to the maps). I live in a valley and my whole street has no signal at all. I have complained many times over the years, and no company has even tried to fix it. Instead we are all forced to pay stupidly high prices from the only internet provider in the area (illegal non-competition agreements are common out here) for low speeds in order to use our cell phones for calls. Google Fiber is run only two miles away but has no plans to go our direction. It’s important to check out all major utilities. And if you can ask someone in the neighborhood, they’ll likely fill you in on what the companies aren’t telling you. The services and pricing makes a difference while you are living there and also impacts your resell value later.


My home is like the only place in the world where I don’t really need good cell coverage


Turn on WiFi calling, as long as you have internet at home. Most phones have this turned off by default.


Idk, its not a deciding factor for me. Cost, location, the place itself are higher priority. Just use your wifi as the signal.