Money probably doesn’t change people so much as it allows them to become who they really are.

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Any situation that you endure or achieve “changes” you.


I’m gonna probably have an unpopular opinion and disagree on this one. I’ll give you that it’s partially true, as money will certainly allow you to do things you would have already done had you had the money. But I’d wager a lot of people do actively change quite a bit after coming into a large sum of money as their environment drastically changes, and that environment is quite often very manipulative, and exceedingly aggressive. A cocktail for changing even some of the more steadfast individuals out there. So I think money does both.


I dunno. My BF was a great guy. Inherited $300mil. The money mad him weird. His wife went crazy. It’s like when you don’t have anything to worry about, you start inventing shit to be worried about.


It’s sad to think that the only way to get an absurd amount of money is to oppress others too… The only people who can get filthy rich are bad people, because good people won’t do what’s necessary to get filthy rich


Id probably be a rebellious prick because I dont like listening to anyone. But it would let me learn new skills which is nice.