Religious school board member and husband spy on underage foreign exchange students. School and church scrub all mention of the two.

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The couple befriended what I presume is a highschool girl, (the school is K-12) hosted by another family, invite her over, promptly discovers a video camera setup, fortunately takes the memory card and talks to adults who don’t try and suppress it, turn over the memory card to the sheriff. Edit: this story isn’t on the website of the three other local news stations and even though it was investigated in partnership with the local paper, also no mention of it.


Deviance and religion seem to walk hand in hand. Projected self righteousness is usually a veil for more sinister goings on.


“We’re shocked and horrified to hear of this, especially as it’s a family that used to volunteer for St. Martin’s through the international student hosting program.” What a bunch of stupid asses.


They seem complete package. Religious… check. School board member… check. Perverts… check. ‘Good’ morals.. check. Punchable faces… check.


🎶Super creep!Super creep!Theyre super creepy YOWWW!!!🎶