Severity of SARS-CoV-2 Reinfections as Compared with Primary Infections

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> Reinfections had 90% lower odds of resulting in hospitalization or death than primary infections. Four reinfections were severe enough to lead to acute care hospitalization. None led to hospitalization in an ICU, and none ended in death. Reinfections were rare and were generally mild, perhaps because of the primed immune system after primary infection.


This is definitely a good sign because previously infected people (likely vaccinated people) are likely to be at much lower risk of death given reinfection. I’d wonder about behavior effects (or some quasi measure of viral load or strength or route of infection), but those seem really difficult to draw conclusions from given the low rates.


I’m surprised with the numbers rising at least in Europe in many countries, and ICU filling up quickly, also with vaccinated and previously recovered individuals. I guess those few % are still too much…


Natural immunity will complete the vaccination / immunization, even if people wont budge. Its good news, this situation wont last forever.


Yeah I had it twice. Last year around thanksgiving and this year in October. Second time was 1000x worse than the first.