Those Monster drinks

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There are very few things that I would date to label as unhealthy, as I think all foods have their place within a balanced diet, but full sugar energy drinks are unhealthy. The insane caffeine content, paired with high sugar is a combination that is very hard on your body. That being said, I drink the sugar free ones on occasion so I’m not gonna judge anyone


I mean, tons of people put some cream in their coffee, because the fat in milk buffers the acidity of the coffee. Monster is not a health food, by any stretch of imagination.


Monster Rehab would be my suggestion if they want to stick with monster. Black coffee is best in this category imo but if that’s too acidic then monster Rehab is a pretty great alternative at least by the nutrition label. If not that then maybe a chai tea or green tea…and if none of that just snort cocaine ok I’m just kidding on the last one. But still most humans live with stimulants in their daily life and caffeine is the most common and safe one out there…so coffee or tea is how most people get it.


Yerba mate


No Monster drinks are nowhere near healthy