“You fancy my best friend, don’t you?” asked my wife. “If given the choice…” I replied, “I’d rather have sex with you then her.” “You mean ‘than’.”


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Propose a threesome; this way everybody can be fancy!


You gotta lay some drgons before you get with the princess.


I had a threesome with my ex gf before and let me tell you the fallout is not worth it. My ex got visibly jealous, other girl was having way too much fun and got way too comfortable. Next day was full of her crying and yelling at me to leave her alone and the worst break up I think I’ve ever gone through. She literally showed up at my job and threw my stuff at me while I was working and my boss let me off for the day to handle it. Most men fantasize about it but I’m telling you only do it if you know for a fact everyone involved is 100% down. You might think it’s hot but loosing a three year relationship over it sucks.


My wife asked me which of her friends I would like to have a threesome with. Am now in deep shit as apparently I was only supposed to suggest one name.


I know what I’m about dear.