Canada reaches agreement to compensate indigenous children taken from families

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The agreements come almost 15 years after the First Nations Child and Family Caring Society brought forward a human rights complaint. The Canadian Human Rights Tribunal repeatedly found child and family services discriminated against First Nations children, in part by under-funding services on reserves. Children were then removed from their homes and taken off-reserve to get those services.


I’m not sure if I’m happy or sad about this news. It’s good that these families will finally be compensated for what was done to them, but it’s also sad that it took so long for this to happen. I hope that this will help to create a better relationship between Canada and its indigenous people.


Ahh. Wiping the nose instead of fixing the cold.


Sounds like a waste of taxpayer money to me. Since I wasn’t clear enough, if the government is insistent on reparations, maybe use the money to improve infrastructure, housing, and access to education for the native population and on reservations, instead of giving away large sums of money that will inevitable be skimmed by corrupt officials.


Obviously there is no resource for information on the current plan to resolve the issues that continue to be ” solved” by throwing money at it. Some very spot on comments stated here. Money will not solve the isolation and despair, in this case may further add to issues. Reserves do not seem to be the answer. Monies earmarked for issues preclude the same issues found in isolated Communities in Canada. $280 million for Reservations without medical facilities, nothing for non- Indigenous Communities. Government supplied housing on Reserves are single family bungalows, in urban communities 12-24-36 unit apartment buildings are the solution. Like the Governments of the past whose goal, it appeared, was to remove Indigenous peoples from society and onto reserves to become wards of the state, seems to continue. A settlement if this size will not undo the past. The Government acted when Elders would not intervene and now it is another injustice. Reservations are a breeding ground for despair, offering no positive future. In major Cities, Indigenous students are segregated in schools under the guise it allows for instruction in their culture. You do not see students of European descent being schooled in separate schools for the same reason. Residential schools did not have caucasians attend so schooling was never the reason as we now find out. Reservations simply do not appear to be the answer and all of Canada need to be informed as to issues, past, current and future and welcome Indigenous people as equals and not wards of the state.