How do you reset your day when it starts shitty?

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Ask yourself: “Am I having a bad day? Or am I having a bad fifteen minutes that I’m going to milk all day?”


Shower or freshen up and stretch. 99% of the time when I feel crappy it’s because I feel gross/clammy or stiff/achey. Hot shower fixes both of that, I come out all fresh and loosened up.


Go back to sleep


Sometimes I restart my day by making myself coffee/tea and breakfast foods at like 1 pm, and read or journal or draw. Helps me feel like I had a lovely morning


Go for a run/workout, listen to upbeat music, find what made your day shitty and avoid it, journaling, talk to people that motivate you. It really depends on who you are. For me I do a hard workout and maybe grab a Dr Pepper or talk to my mom