“I don’t understand how the world works” is not evidence for God. It’s evidence that you’re a lazy learner.

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It’s called the God of the gaps. Whenever there is a gap in your knowledge, the answer is God. Of course it’s nonsense.


or when science can’t answer every little question then that’s proof it’s god…


Indeed. If your answer to every question you don’t know is “god did it,” then it’s not an answer at all. It doesn’t explain anything, it’s just a placeholder. * Why does a virus spread? God did it. * Why do earthquakes happen? God does it. * Why do I have strange symptoms? God did it. The “explanation” of “god did it” doesn’t explain anything at all.


The reason religions were even developed/invented/whatever, was to explain the world around them. Thousands of years ago people had no idea why there were thunderstorms, or floods, or even fire! So they made up gods. It’s the 21st century, and science explains it. No need for a story about a god who liked humans and thought they needed fire to cook food and be warm.


I know, the “I’m too lazy to learn anything, therefore God” is the most moronic argument ever.