I’m sorry that you had to miss church ONCE because of me.

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>I can’t help but feel like she is intentionally guilt tripping me, I mean, she can still go next week. This. Most of religion is about guilt tripping.


She is trying to guilt trip you. The sad thing is that she is just as much a victim of this toxicity as you are. The only difference is that you realize it.


Most likely is a guilt trip. I got my ass whipped as a kiddo one Sunday. I wanted to play pokemon and stay home. When she said were going I said no. Ended up hiding outside in the tree house till I was recovered and whipped.


this sounds like the type of environment to breed codependency issues. don’t let your mom put the responsibility of her feelings squarely on your shoulders. that’s bullshit, and it will lead to problems in relationships down the road


She is…