A guy was in an elevator one day & noticed an attractive woman running to make it before the door closed.

He held the door for her to get in and then politely asked her “what floor?” “3rd floor” she replied, “ I come here once a month to donate blood & they pay me $50” “That’s a coincidence” said the guy because I come here once a month myself, donate semen & they pay me $200”. Just then the elevator door opened & the woman stepped out. The next month the guy was in the same elevator & noticed the same woman running to make it in. He held the door and as she stepped in he said “I remember you, 3rd floor right?” With her mouth completely full she looked at him & said “mph, mph, fif floor.”

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This joke works even better when you tell it and say the last line with your mouth closed.


You kinda missed the part about the guy saying he was headed to the 5th floor to donate semen, kinda takes away from the punchline and her knowing that 5th floor is for semen.


This is satire on gender pay inequalities and one women’s determination to overcum.


I can’t believe people aren’t getting this. Way better than 90% of the content here.


I think you forgot to explain the guy goes to the fifth floor?