A Trading Ban for U.S. Lawmakers That Makes Sense | Senator Jon Ossoff’s proposal to bar federal legislators and their family members from buying individual stocks deserves bipartisan support.

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> And the Supreme Court remains oddly removed from stricter ethical guidelines and transparency, even though all of the justices either trade stocks, cash in on problematic book deals or accept  pricey travel packages and expensive gifts. Fuck, just come on out, Bloomberg, and call our government fucking corrupt. You’re so damn close.


> However oversight continues to take shape in Congress, let’s hope that Ossoff’s bill gets further traction and bipartisan support. He is one of the 10 members of Congress whom Business Insider cited for maintaining a proper blind trust for his investments, and the website rated him a “solid” for his transparency and ethical vigilance. Many others in Congress should follow his example.


It will get bipartisan opposition.


The good news is this will bring Democrats and Republicans together to vote. The bad news is they’ll be voting “no”


It’s great to have this, but that means little if it’s killed by his associates.