Bitcoin mining is being banned in countries across the globe—and threatening the future of crypto

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Does this mean we can have video cards normal price again? Bruh… inbox. Bruh please stop commenting. Id delete but karma 🙁 I love you folks lol


This is a strange narrative when I can just check the blockchain metrics and see that the Bitcoin hash rate (the networks mining output) has made new all time highs recently. If these mining bans are “killing crypto” it’s not at all reflecting in the real world hash rates of the network


This doesn’t threaten the future of crypto, it just means they need to switch to better mechanisms than proof of work.


There’s less than 10% of Bitcoin left to be mined. Most importantly most major coins are now either POS(Ada, Algo, One, Cro) etc. We then have ethereum as well doing that transition which began on December after 5 years of it being discussed.


Kosovo is axing Bitcoin miners. It’s just the most recent in a long list of nations that are banishing the industry. China’s crackdown on Bitcoin mining last year, culminating in a full ban in September, unleashed a diaspora of producers seeking new homes. Many flocked to green sources in the Nordic nations, while others tapped coal and natural gas in Kazakhstan, Iran, Kosovo, and tiny Abkhazia; by last fall, more than one-quarter of all of the signature currency’s coins were being minted in Kazakstan and Iran alone. Not a surprise. Turns out burning through the power demands of a country to run a system of value-token-exchange is not a good and sustainable idea.