CEO narcissism linked to heightened workplace uncertainty amid the COVID-19 pandemic: New research provides evidence that narcissistic business leaders can have a detrimental impact on the workplace by triggering a sense of uncertainty among middle management.

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Narcissists are bad for the health and well being of anyone unlucky enough to interact with them.


This is the number one reason c-suite and management push back so hard for people to get back in the office. They’re not worried about loss of ideas or productivity (which has been proven to be largely unaffected during the pandemic): they’re worried about loss of power and control, and the structures on which they rely to control. And this is only compounded by the fact that much of upper-management have narcissistic and sociopathic tendencies. For anyone interested, I’d highly recommend reading Michel Foucault’s work “Disipline and Punish” — highly relevent.


Well yeah because they’ll all always ask but “what’s in it for me?” and be more prone to volatility when the inflated and thus thinned ego is cracked by bumping into something. c.f. how former president Trump was. Also why I support workplace democracy; then we can just Vote those sobs out.


Seems like most CEO’s populate the layers of upper management with brown nosing sycophants, then assume everything is great any anyone with any criticism is just being needlessly negative.


We knew this even before the pandemic. NPD bosses are awful and cost companies more than people think.