Evangelical Christian takeover of sports or hobbies

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*glances at post history* disc golf


> over 10 years _recalls childhood_ It’s been over 50 years though > Evangelical Christian takeover _empathizes_ Happened to us in competitive robotics


Hopefully they stay away from D&D. I’m sure there are some youth groups out there led by an edgy youth pastor that host D&D night once a month as an outreach event. They probably play some super cringe homebrew stuff, too.


Aren’t they satisfied with NASCAR and pro football?


Face it, anything cool that you enjoy is at risk of being infiltrated by any number of people or groups that have a way of sucking the fun out of it! It definitely makes it harder to rip bong loads while the other team is holding hands and praying that god let’s them throw the frisbee(sorry, disc-jk) better that day and better than the trashy non-believers! I will say I’ve seen it happen in youth sports, particularly baseball and softball, where they have teams full of good players and they pray every game, except I know for a fact the kids NEVER go to church and the parents don’t believe in anything. It’s like an additional loophole for a non-profit organization to increase revenue due to being a kids organization and a church. Definitely not cool.