For survivors of attemped kidnapping. How did you escape?

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Guy at a club and his mix of friends was insistent about coming back to a party, I politely declined. Didn’t think much of it. They got increasingly aggressive about it, to a physical extent, and I left. Walking back home, I realized they were following me in their car. Dashed down the road through the mid-path of a packed apartment complex and just started yelling like crazy. No one actually responded or poked their head out or maybe they just didn’t hear me. But it sparked the escape reflex of the creeps and I hid in a bush until my heart slowed down. Jumped the fence of someone’s property -risky in its own right- wandered through a field, avoiding the main roads, and circled back to a side-street to home. Lucky I knew the area better than they did.


When I was very little my dad took my sister and I on a river camping trip for a few days. We got to the little rural town at the end of the river where a buddy left our truck and trailer at the boat launch for us. My sister was old enough to sort of help dad with loading the boat (hold rope so it doesn’t float away while we back up etc) but I was too little to really do much so I started wandering around looking for stuff. I found a dead bumblebee and I really loved bumblebees so I decided to bury it in a little grave to pay respects. I found a patch of flowers near the edge of the boat launch, by the woods. I’m crouched down, completely absorbed by my trying to make a little cross for a headstone out of two twigs and a bit of grass, when suddenly I hear my dad’s deep, booming voice scream, **“HEY!!!”** He was a good ten yards away from me but it was so loud I could feel it in my chest and I jump and spun around towards him. He is already halfway to me, running. His face looks scary. He looks so mad, so focused, and he’s looking over my shoulder instead of at me. I run over to him, no idea what’s happening but scared that I’d at least get in trouble if I didn’t go over to him right away. He picks me up and puts both me and my sister into the truck to finish loading by himself. Apparently a man tried to take me. I never even knew he was there. Dad caught sight of him just as he began lunging towards me and scared him off. I wouldn’t have known until I was already gone if he hadn’t been so aware. Watch your kids, it only takes a second.


It was the 90s in SE Asia. I wasn’t old enough to go to school yet so my grandma took care of me while my parents were at work. My grandma had a little convenience store and one day 2 men approached her. One was in his 30s and the other was an old short man with white hair. They were carrying those hand weave basket pig cage. They asked my grandma if I was for sale. She told them to bugger off. While my grandma was distracted, they snatched me and I was carried away. I was kicking and screaming until they knocked me out. One of the neighbors saw me and alerted my grandma. My grandma rode her bicycle down the main street looking for me. She argued and threatened them to get me back. If it wasn’t for my grandma and her stubborn fierceness, I wouldn’t be here. She passed away in 2016. Love you and miss you grandma.


So when I was 17 my crazy rich European mom forced me to sign a contract with a company in South Africa where they ( edit- they being my parents) would pay crazy money for me to board with and work for a conservation org. I didn’t want to go, but she was convinced it would be good for me. She’d emailed back and forth with this woman for weeks if not months behind my back and been convinced by how this woman also had kids. When I arrive in South Africa, it turns out to be a scam. There is no org, the longer I stay the weirder it gets. I’m living alone with a middle aged man in an empty mega luxury house on a golf estate. They are con artists who are banned from various European countries, as i later learn. Fake names and all. The wife and their two kids return from holidays in Switzerland after a couple of weeks. At first they were acting friendly, but they took all my papers and documents – passport, Id, health insurance card, they blocked my visa process which later resulted in me being an illegal immigrant and being blacklisted from South Africa. I want to go home but my parents don’t let me come back (my mom is crazy). There was one guy in this situation who was good, and also being scammed by them, and he saved me, let’s call him jeff. I was unaware of the gravity of the situation, I was a suicidal depressed 17 year old kid. A lot of crazy shit came out later, these people were meeting Jeff’s wife alone and threatening her and scaring her, they were scamming left and right and being shady. One day Jeff rocks up when I am in the house by myself, he tells me to just pack a backpack quickly and get in the car. He drove me to his home where he basically just took me into his family and he went back later to get my possessions. I later found out that he went full apeshit on these people and pulled a door off its hinges during altercations to get my papers and documents back. He involved the police because they didn’t want to return my papers. Shortly after, those guys disappeared alongside all the appliances, electronics and furniture from that luxury house, which wasn’t theirs. I ended up cutting my family off and living with Jeff, his wife and his kids for two years. I was gonna live my life there but after two years my missing visa caused me to get deported, basically. I never considered it kidnapping until I told the story to someone and they said wow basically you were almost kidnapped. I still don’t know wtf it was, but I still remember how tense Jeff was when he told me to grab what I could and get in the car. Thank god for that man.


I was 12 and some guy was walking towards me after school. He said, “Hey there kiddo, You remember me, don’t you!? Mom told me to take you home!” I thought, “Bitch, that’s the oldest trick in the book!” My parents told me if this ever happened, one thing I could do was run to the nearest adult and yell “Mom, Mom” or “Dad, Dad” So that’s what I did. A teacher was walking into the school and I said, “Oh Dad, there you are!” The guy got TF outta there. I explained to the teacher why I did what I did. We didn’t get his plate number sadly enough.