Iran jails woman activist over teaching Kurdish language. Kurdish literary and cultural woman activist Zahra Mohammadi presented herself at the court of Sanandaj, Kurdistan province, to serve a five-year prison sentence.

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This is bullshit, kurds are persians just like turks too. Language of iran is persian/farsi. Just teaching a language is not crime. This headline does not describe the crime done by this lady. However, sepratism activity is a crime just like in any other country. The article source is not trustworthy anyways.


I always find it depressingly ironic when nations oppressing ethnic groups condemn other countries doing the same. I mean in this case Iran (and countries like Turkey) hate what Israel does to Palestinians while they do the same treatment to the Kurds. People are really just used as pawns.


That seems completely reasonable. ^(/s)


How many times has the US promised Kurdistan official nation status in return for spilling the blood of their sons in the service of American business interests?