Sanders Says Democrats Need ‘Major Course Correction’ to Prevent GOP Takeover

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He’s right. Which means we’re heading straight towards a GOP takeover.


Democrats – “We need to win elections to save the country.” Voters – “Support these very popular things, such as banning legislators from owning individual stocks, lower drug prices, marijuana legalization.” Democrats – “We don’t want to win *that* bad.”


>Sen. Bernie Sanders said in an interview published Monday that **too much of the Democratic Party has “turned its back on the working class”** Bernie is right about this


Wish Democrats would fight the GOP as hard as they fight progressives.


Legalize marijuana and pass a bill to create jobs in green energy in midwestern states. Do something radical. Rebuild Detroit and New Orleans. Rebuild Puerto Rico. Do something GOOD that’s just FOR working, middle-class people. You know, the actual people who actually keep this fucking place running with the lights on.