Schools must allow children leave during religion class, says Atheist Ireland

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While I think it’s important to learn about all religions and their teachings, religion class in ireland is generally taught as Catholicism is the truth, and explains how other religions were formed and what they teach. It’s fine for learning, but it does try and reinforce that God is real and Jesus died for our sins.


What is religion class exactly? When I was a kid we did like a hour of R.E every week or two and it was more to sort of educate you about as many religions as they could. I’m atheist and I’d have my kid do them, important to know what other people believe etc.


Here in England my GCSE religious education amounted to the following : 1. Watching 4 weddings and a funeral 2. Watching a soap Hindu wedding (coronation street or Emmerdale i can’t remember 3. Watching bend it like beckham


I agree that schools should allow children to leave during religion class if they choose not to participate. However, I believe that schools should also offer atheist and humanist education classes as an alternative. This would ensure that all children have the opportunity to learn about non-religious worldviews, and would give those who do not wish to participate in religious education classes a choice.


Separation of Church and State was one of the best things to ever be written down in the US Constitution. Considering the Religious dogma around at that time it was – to say the least – quite an achievement. Education *about* Religion is fine, Education *in* Religion is fine, Education *indoctrinated by* Religion is NOT fine. One of these days we’ll get past it – unfortunately a lot of countries around the world are still tied to the beliefs of religious trends centuries ago.