Startup Says It’s Testing a Solar Upgrade for Teslas That Adds 60 Miles in Range per Day

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Model S long range can go 400 miles on a fully charged 95 kWh battery. So 60 miles is about 14 kWh of charge. Assuming you get 12 hours of sun light in a day, this panel would have to produce a little more than 1,000 watts. I think the rule of thumb for solar panels is about ~~1,000~~ 200 watts per square meter. Seems like you could **not** throw a panel ~~that size~~ **big enough** on top of a 4 door sedan. I guess it **does not** pass the smell test. Sounds ~~cool~~ like it won’t work.


Honestly, if you see any random startup get in the news while using the Tesla name, just assume it’s not really worth paying attention to.


100% total bullshit. You’d be lucky to get 6 miles worth of charge per day using a fold-out sun-tracking array. It’s not remotely physically possible to capture enough solar energy to give 60 miles of charge from PV embedded in the body of the car, unless this “startup” plans to launch Teslas into space and put them in orbit around the sun closer than Mercury.


there is no possible way that solar on a car can gather enough energy for 60 miles of range. Like it’s a physical impossibility. (I’m talking a real car not a sun racer like in Australia) Maybe 2 to 4 miles worth of power.


I’d buy a Tesla if it charged by just being left in the sun for a week considering the $4.80/gal gas in california.