Study: Without stronger climate action, the five biggest emitters—China, US, EU, India, and Russia—will double the number of countries regularly experiencing extreme hot years by 2030. The results highlight the outsized role these emitters play in driving warming and temperature extremes globally.

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China 1.443 Billion US .332 Billion EU .447 billion India 1.326 Billion Russia .146 billion 3.7 Billion people. Literally half the planet’s population. The study found that they contributed 53% of global emissions.


Instead at pointing at countries, we could for once point at corperations?


Interesting how these are also the countries with the largest militaries. The US military emits as much as 140 countries combined. We like to point to consumerism and corporate waste, but it’s equally important to consider the incredible waste that global military brinksmanship also plays in the emission of greenhouse gases.


One of these is not like the other…..


Nothing will ever be done. We can’t even feed people or give them healthcare. How are we gonna tell billionaires to stop spending and ruining the earth? Sorry it’s just getting old how they ignore it over and over until we’re burning up