Catholic and Jewish leaders condemn fascist display at Rome funeral

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> the vicariate of Rome strongly condemned the scene and stressed that neither the parish priest nor the priest who celebrated the funeral, had known what was going to transpire outside after the funeral mass ended. Damn. That priest probably experienced a real Curb Your Enthusiasm moment. He gets done preaching, and suddenly everyone’s clicking their heels in salute and waving a Nazi flag.


Fascism never really properly died in Italy.


Man this world really took a shitty turn somewhere along the road


Why would Italian fascists cover a coffin in a Nazi flag? Why not the flag of fascist Italy or just a flag with a fasces on it? Very sad day for nationalists when they can’t even honor their own traditions. It’s all so cosmopolitan. Globalist even!


>the vicariate of Rome…called the swastika-emblazoned Nazi flag “a horrendous symbol irreconcilable with Christianity”. Good. Catholic Church, do more. (You don’t have a good track record, given the last time fascism had a heyday…)