Coal will account for 85% of U.S. electric generating capacity retirements in 2022

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I had to read that several times…. Key word: retirements


“12.6 GW of coal capacity is scheduled to retire in 2022, or 6% of the coal-fired generating capacity that was operating at the end of 2021.” Whilst less coal is always good, the headline makes it sound greater then it is, this is only 6% of the US’s total coal. But again any reduction is uplifting I guess, better then it going up.


This one simple trick drives Sen. Manchin crazy


Yeah – kind of what I expected to trend to a few years ago. Surprised we still use coal at all, consumption has been trending down for decades in favor of more efficient or affordable energy sources


This is great and all, but isn’t the decisive question, what they are being replaced with?