Does anyone have any suggestions for low calorie (under 50) savory snacks? So far I’ve come up with miso soup (25 cal) and white cheddar rice cakes (45 cal). Any other ideas?

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Pickles. I always have a jar of kosher dill baby gherkins on hand.


Seasoned popcorn is cheap in calories too


Salted sliced cucumber, celery, 50cal worth of grapes, cherry tomatoes, one kiwi. Sometimes it might be worth doing 70 cal for a boiled egg or 100g of low fat cottage cheese if you need the protein.


Dry seaweed


Crunchy roasted chickpeas are good! Easy to make and customize to whatever flavor you like and they make good salad toppers too. 60 cals for 1/4 cup and a can is under a dollar where I’m from.